What to expect when buying a home

Buying a home — whether it’s your first or your sixth — is an exciting and often emotional experience. Your home represents everything from an investment, and a means to build wealth to the place you spend your happiest times in and where you can find peace at the end of a long day. To help you find that perfect home, we remove the biggest obstacle to success: stress. By keeping you well-informed and supported through the process, you can think clearly and make smart decisions. As a team, we reduce your stress for you in multiple ways.

Why choose the Dinsmore Group?

1. Innovative resources

The heart of what we do is help you find a place in the world. We’re delighted to offer the Compass Concierge Home Improvement Service and the innovative Compass Bridge Loan Service to help you achieve your home goals. 

2. Advocacy and education

We work to get you the best price possible. We use our local and national network, plus regional data trends to help you make the most compelling offer.

We’ll walk through every document, report, and advisory, so you understand every aspect of the transaction and are comfortable with every recommendation.

3. Powerful agent network

As well-connected realtors, we use our powerful local and global network to help you find the right home, often even before any open house.

4. Expert offer management

Local agents know us and our reputation for clean deals and smooth transactions. These agents want to work with us, which gives our clients a definite edge in competitive offer situations.

5. Micro-neighborhood expertise

Each agent on our team was born and raised on the Peninsula has helped our clients sell and purchase hundreds of homes here. We have block-by-block, neighborhood-by-neighborhood knowledge that we’ll put to work, allowing us to present the most compelling offer in this competitive market.

Steps to success timeline

1. Preliminary Phone Call

Many of our clients call us after reading my client reviews on Yelp. We will discuss your home search goals at a high level and will then schedule an initial consultation at my office. 

2. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation typically takes about 90 minutes. We spend a large portion of the time getting to know each other, discussing your goals and what your dream home looks like. It’s very important to us to spend time with you educating you on the home buying process, what to expect as well as review many of the legal documents that you will be reviewing during your home search so that you go into your home search with your eyes wide open.

3. Next Steps

After the initial consultation, we will set up a time to go on the Grand Tour where we will look at all the different areas you are interested in, eliminate the areas you don’t like and focus on the areas and homes that you do like.

Once we have found one (or several!) ideal homes, we will review disclosures together, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the property, evaluate our competition and determine what we think is the best offer for that particular home.

As soon as you get into contract on your dream home, the escrow process begins. During this time our team will manage and orchestrate all the details that need to be taken care of to ensure a smooth and successful close of escrow.

The minute you get the keys to your new home, we will serve as a resource for anything real estate related that you can imagine. Our goal is to do such a fabulous job as your realtor that we will become your real estate resource for life.

Thinking of buying in the next 12 months?

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