Prop 19: How could it affect your home buying or selling decision?


Prop 19 will impact many people. And if you’re buying or selling a home,
having knowledge about Prop 19 may be critical. Read on to find the information you need.

What is Proposition 19?

“Allows homeowners who are over 55, disabled, or wildfire/disaster victims to transfer primary residence’s
tax base to replacement residence. Changes taxation
of family-property transfers. Establishes
fire protection services fund.”

Source: CA Voter Guide.

Click here for the full read/more details.

Click here to take a look at the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Quick Guide about Prop 19
for a breakdown of the changes on tax breakdown portability, the impact on intergenerational transfers to children or grandchildren, when the law goes into effect, and more!

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